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Eastwood Excelsior

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Project Location: 1835 Eastwood Ave,Quezon City, Metro Manila
Turnover Date: RFO
Floor Area : 37 sqm - 61 sqm
Price Range: Php 2.5M - Php 6.5M


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Eastwood Excelsior By Megaworld

An excellent urban living is redefined in the excellent setup of Eastwood Excelsior. In this residential condominium, ancient world's elegance is clubbed up with urban architecture that gives an opportunity of making your living majestic and unique. This appealing residential setup is a perfect blend of convenient facilities and comfortable residential units where you can lead a peaceful and luxurious life.

It features two high risen residential towers that spaciously accommodates residences of different types including executive studios, one bedroom units, two bedroom units, and extremely spacious three bedroom units. The facade of this beautiful residential setup includes a paved driveway, a central entrance canopy, and a classically styled fountain. These beautiful offerings of Eastwood Excelsior enhance its beauty to the core and highly impress the guests.

As you enter the premises, a grand lobby featuring a brilliant stonewash and granite finish, classic arches, and beautiful elaborate moldings welcomes you. You would experience a variation from classical designs to the modern ones right from the architecture to the theme. Eastwood Excelsior also offers an array of features and amenities like sading pools featuring a sundeck, lap pool, fitness area, changing rooms, podium parking area, etc. There is a retail zone and a laundromat adjoining Eastwood Excelsior via the lobby of the setup.

Megaworld is the developer of Eastwood Excelsior which is one of the leading developer names in the real estate industry. The brand has successfully crafted many beautiful and comfortable residential establishments that are appreciated to date. With a cent percent accomplishment rate Megaworld gives people a concrete reason to invest in its developments.

A basement parking podium is featured in Eastwood Excelsior where the residents and their guests can conveniently park their vehicles. The parking holds a decent capacity of parking cars which is another convenience that Eastwood Excelsior offers to its people. The property also features a management team provided by the developers that excellently take care of all the amenities and facilities. This provision ensures that the residents always get to enjoy the supreme quality of all the various offerings of the property.

All the various units of Eastwood Excelsior features excellent interiors and offers all the necessary facilities that allow the occupants to lead a comfortable and peaceful life. All the units feature twenty-four seven supply of clean water from Manila Waters, electricity supply from Meralco, landline facility from Globe PLDT, cable connection from Skycable, and internet connection from Globe PLDT. All these various offerings make the units of Eastwood Excelsior a perfect place to start your new life with your family. The units also feature an electric cooking stove, air con windows, and a gas cooking stove. One can use these facilities as per requirement and convenience. Additionally, there are a number of utility rooms accommodated in the units including bedroom, living space, bathroom, kitchen, and dining space. You can easily pick a unit as per requirement and budget.

Eastwood Excelsior is a highly secured residential establishment that pays immense stress to the overall security of the property, its residents, and their belongings. It is a highly secured gated community where trained security professionals are posted at the entrance and exit points. These professionals are trained experts who keep an eye on the various incomings and outgoings of the property. This feature allows the residents to lead a safe and secure lifestyle.

There are a number of such residential establishments where the presence of pets is a problem. This becomes a problem for the ones who own or desire to own pets in the future. If you are any such individual then Eastwood Excelsior is one of the ideal most properties to invest in. This establishment allows pets to be a part of their huge community. Therefore, if you are someone who has a pet and are looking for a pet-friendly community then your search ends here.

There is a retail zone associated with the property where almost all the commodities of basic day-to-day life are available. The lobby of the residential condominium leads to this retail zone. Getting any item of an immediate requirement is an eased out affair while dwelling at Eastwood Excelsior. Just a couple of minutes and the requirement can be availed.

In the busy world of today, people find it difficult to indulge in fitness activities. In such a scenario Eastwood Excelsior offers a well-equipped gymnasium that can be used by the occupants on a regular basis. This gym features outstanding equipment so that a healthy and fit lifestyle can be maintained without even heading out of your home. This also saves a lot of time, especially in the morning hours.

Eastwood Excelsior also features a number of function rooms where the residents can host parties, events, and functions with utmost ease. You can host birthday parties, housewarming parties, anniversary events, meetings etc. in these function rooms without even stepping out of their residential property.

Further adding on to the list of amenities is a large swimming pool where the occupants can spend some quality relaxation time with friends and family. Therefore, the hot summer days are sorted while dwelling at Eastwood Excelsior. You get to enjoy club like amenities while investing in Eastwood Excelsior.

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Eastwood Excelsior - Location & Vicinity

Eastwood Excelsior is conveniently located in Metro Manila of Quezon City along the Eastwood Avenue. It is located close to a number of essential establishments including schools, colleges, universities, restaurants, churches, supermarkets, retail stores, hospitals etc. These various nearby establishments allow the residents of Eastwood Excelsior to lead a comfortable and convenient lifestyle.

The nearby located restaurants and eateries that the residents of Eastwood Excelsior can easily avail as per requirement include Tsoko. NUT Batirol located at a distance of 0.04 km, My Thai Kitchen located at a distance of 0.15 km, Early Bird Breakfast Club located at a distance of 0.16 km, Chelsea Kitchen located at a distance of 0.15 km, and Coral Garden located at a distance of 0.15 km. With the aid of such amazing outlets, one can anytime head out for unplanned lunch and dinners with family and friends without wasting much traveling time.

There are a number of educational establishments including playschools, universities, colleges, schools, etc. located close to Eastwood Excelsior where the residents can conveniently gain academic knowledge. Some of such nearby located establishments include Bagumbayan Elementary School located at a distance of 0.45 km, Santolan Elementary School located at a distance of 0.75 km, Libis Elementary School located at a distance of 0.93 km, Santo Tomas De Villanueva High School located at a distance of 0.64 km, and Libis Elementary School located at a distance of 0.93 km. Availability of such many educational centers renders help in saving a lot of traveling time of the students of the property. This saved time can be invested elsewhere in other productive extracurricular activities.

Eastwood Excelsior is situated close to an ample number of markets, retail outlets, supermarkets, shopping malls etc. which can prove to be an essential availability for a smooth daily lifestyle. Some of the many nearby located marketplaces including Eastwood Mall located at a distance of 0.14 km, Cyber and Fashion Mall located at a distance of 0.24 km, Eastwood City Walk 2 located at a distance of 0.26 km, Eastwood City Walk 1 located at a distance of 0.23 km, and Robinsons Supermarket located at a distance of 0.25 km.

There are also a number of healthcare centers located close to Eastwood Excelsior so that the residents can easily handle the various emergencies that might arise at any hour of the day. Some of the nearby located hospitals, clinics, and healthcare centers include IVC Health Center located at a distance of 1.35 km, St. Camillus Polyclinic located at a distance of 1.42 km, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo Station Hospital located at a distance of 1.62 km, Brgy IVC Health Center located at a distance of 1.35 km, and Quirino Memorial Medical Center located at a distance of 1.58 km.

Before investing in a property it is essential to know well about the location and its various offerings. Eastwood Excelsior is one such property that keeps you close to all the various essentials of life making it a perfect investment for a lifetime. While residing here you get to stay close to all the basics maximum outlets out of which are less than a kilometer away.


  • Tsoko.NUT Batirol - 0.04 km
  • Chelsea Kitchen - 0.15 km
  • My Thai Kitchen - 0.15 km
  • Coral Garden - 0.15 km
  • Early Bird Breakfast Club - 0.16 km


  • Eastwood Mall - 0.14 km
  • Eastwood City Walk 1 - 0.23 km
  • Cyber and Fashion Mall - 0.24 km
  • Robinsons Supermarket - 0.25 km
  • Eastwood City Walk 2 - 0.26 km


  • Bagumbayan Elementary School - 0.45 km
  • Santo Tomas De Villanueva High School - 0.64 km
  • Santolan Elementary School - 0.75 km
  • Santolan High School - 0.84 km
  • Libis Elementary School - 0.93 km


  • IVC Health Center - 1.35 km
  • Brgy IVC Health Center - 1.35 km
  • St. Camillus Polyclinic - 1.42 km
  • Quirino Memorial Medical Center - 1.58 km
  • Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo Station Hospital - 1.62 km
Eastwood Excelsior Location

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Swimming Pool

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Eastwood Excelsior - Features & Amenities

Eastwood Excelsior is a convenient residential establishment that is crafted to provide a comfortable lifestyle to its people. The condominium is full of amenities, features, and facilities that make life an eased out affair. All the various units of Eastwood Excelsior are skillfully developed with all the basic facilities so that the occupants can immediately shift without any hassles.

Eastwood Excelsior is an excellently secured residential community where the occupants can lead a peaceful lifestyle. The entrance and exit points of the property are well secured by trained security professionals. These security individuals thoroughly monitor all the various ongoing of the property and pay a close check on all the incoming individuals and vehicles. They make sure that no suspicious individual or vehicle is allowed on the property premises.

Amongst the various amenities, one of the most highlighted ones is a large sized swimming pool. This place is of prime importance as the residents can spend some immense quality time here with family and friends. On hot summer days, the occupants of Eastwood Excelsior need not head out of their home in order to have some chilled out swimming sessions. This can be achieved while still residing in Eastwood Excelsior. There are also a number of changing rooms that are featured close to the swimming pool in Eastwood Excelsior so that the residents can conveniently change post taking a dip in the pool.

Keeping the fit lifestyle of people in mind, Eastwood Excelsior has accommodated a well-equipped gymnasium within the premises. The residents can have their regular workout sessions well within their residing community. Having a gym on the property doesn't bound the residents with the timings and they can head to the gym as and when desired. This provision id an apt one for all those who desire to lead a fit lifestyle and run really short on time.

There are an ample number of function rooms featured in Eastwood Excelsior where the occupants can host parties, events, functions, meetings etc. Be it birthdays or anniversaries or casual meetings, while residing at Eastwood Excelsior you get to host any kind of event of your choice. This saves you from the troublesome and time-consuming task of location hunting.

There is also a retail area featured in Eastwood Excelsior which further simplifies the living of the residents. Anytime that any commodity is required one can quickly head out to one of the retail counters and get it at the earliest. This is an essential offering of Eastwood Excelsior.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Small Pets Allowed
  • Gym
  • Retail Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms

Eastwood Excelsior - Price List

Unit Type Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Studio ₱ 2,500,000 37 sqm
1 Bedroom ₱ 2,800,000 37 sqm
2 Bedroom ₱ 6,500,000 61 sqm

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