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Eastwood Excelsior is a convenient residential establishment that is crafted to provide a comfortable lifestyle to its people. The condominium is full of amenities, features, and facilities that make life an eased out affair. All the various units of Eastwood Excelsior are skillfully developed with all the basic facilities so that the occupants can immediately shift without any hassles.

Eastwood Excelsior is an excellently secured residential community where the occupants can lead a peaceful lifestyle. The entrance and exit points of the property are well secured by trained security professionals. These security individuals thoroughly monitor all the various ongoing of the property and pay a close check on all the incoming individuals and vehicles. They make sure that no suspicious individual or vehicle is allowed on the property premises.

Amongst the various amenities, one of the most highlighted ones is a large sized swimming pool. This place is of prime importance as the residents can spend some immense quality time here with family and friends. On hot summer days, the occupants of Eastwood Excelsior need not head out of their home in order to have some chilled out swimming sessions. This can be achieved while still residing in Eastwood Excelsior. There are also a number of changing rooms that are featured close to the swimming pool in Eastwood Excelsior so that the residents can conveniently change post taking a dip in the pool.

Keeping the fit lifestyle of people in mind, Eastwood Excelsior has accommodated a well-equipped gymnasium within the premises. The residents can have their regular workout sessions well within their residing community. Having a gym on the property doesn't bound the residents with the timings and they can head to the gym as and when desired. This provision id an apt one for all those who desire to lead a fit lifestyle and run really short on time.

There are an ample number of function rooms featured in Eastwood Excelsior where the occupants can host parties, events, functions, meetings etc. Be it birthdays or anniversaries or casual meetings, while residing at Eastwood Excelsior you get to host any kind of event of your choice. This saves you from the troublesome and time-consuming task of location hunting.

There is also a retail area featured in Eastwood Excelsior which further simplifies the living of the residents. Anytime that any commodity is required one can quickly head out to one of the retail counters and get it at the earliest. This is an essential offering of Eastwood Excelsior.

  • 24-hour Security
  • Small Pets Allowed
  • Gym
  • Retail Area
  • Swimming Pool
  • Function Rooms
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Eastwood Excelsior is an excellent residential community which simplifies and eases out the life of its occupants in every way possible. It is an ideal residence in all the possible ways. It offers comfortable, spacious and well-designed units to the occupants. It features the best amenities and facilities. Last but not the least, it is situated extremely close to a number of essential establishments that allow the residents to lead a convenient lifestyle.

Apart from all the above-mentioned pros, Eastwood Excelsior is a highly secured community that lets you stay in a peaceful environment. There are professional security guards posted at the entrance and exit points who keep the property well protected and secured.

Megaworld Corporation is the developer name behind this extraordinary creation. The developers have made sure to meet all the requirements of the people. This name is one of the leading names in the real estate industry that has successfully developed a number of brilliant residential developments over a period of many years. This gives you another concrete reason to invest in the property. With such many offerings Eastwood Excelsior accomplishes all the desires of an urban living.

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